About Perry Jasper

Perry Jasper

A childhood in the rural San Francisco Bay Area gave me an uncompromising love of nature and space. Then came life in Mexico in my adolescence and the influences of Hispanic and Indian cultures, acquiring a second language, and the appreciation of the richness of color and light.

Back in California, I entered photography in my mid-twenties through the modeling profession, suddenly taken by the antics of my photographer and drawn by the desire to make my own statement in images. The statues at the local cemetery, rock star performances, and a willing girlfriend were my first photographic subjects.

The love and challenges of photography have engaged me ever since; seeking out the best possible composition for an image and squeezing it all into the viewfinder. The results are like a personal window to the world around me. To capture the moments of fleeting time and record it for posterity is gratifying. More recently, wherever I have traveled I've sought to connect to the native peoples, earlier cultures and the remains of evidence of life in the old places and its landscapes.

Photography Equipment

I've always been a fan of all things Olympus